Mission & Vision


Our mission is to educate in balance and harmony, the body, mind, and spirit with a creative focus through the Waldorf methodology, learning through images and with a huge emphasis in the arts, to develop people who are conscious and responsible for their own needs and the needs of others and the environment. All this takes place in a warm and respectful atmosphere where friendship, flexibility, tolerance and love are promoted to achieve educational quality and social equity which all generate freedom and qualities that citizens of the future require.


We are a united educational community formed by students, parents and teachers, inspired by the Waldorf pedagogy. A place where we live by institutional values and where there is a cooperative and harmonious working environment. A place where each student is celebrated and where the academic personnel is aware of each student’s personal and familiar situations. 

Our academic standards are in alignment with the age appropriate international standards. We are preparing the students to successfully develop in any educational system worldwide.

Students begin being immersed in the English language in preschool. In elementary, they learn the language through speaking, writing and reading in English for half of each day. Starting in middle school, students learn to sustain their own ideas in English, verbal and written. 

The students receive a musical education throughout elementary level, where they learn the bases to read notes and play the soft flute; also, an artistic education where they learn to use different techniques of visual expression and handcrafts such as knitting, weaving, crochet and embroidery, these abilities are used as auto expression. 

Through having an educational system based in projects, students develop the real-world skills to work as a team, mange their time and to integrate multiple academic facets.

The students that have grown up in our community have lived and experienced the values of respect, teamwork, collaboration, mutual help and solidarity, which are necessary abilities to live in community.