La Generación Z


Los adultos generalmente opinan que no entienden a las nuevas generaciones, que “siempre están en su mundo”, “todo el tiempo conectados al celular”, que “no están interesados en los problemas de su comunidad”, etc. La generación Z (aquellos nacidos entre 1994 y 2010). Como era de esperar ya abundan multitud de etiquetas y descripciones que tratan de ofrecer un perfil de este grupo heterogéneo de jóvenes de hasta 24 años que, nacidos ya en plena era digital, no pueden concebir el mundo sin internet.

La generación Z está anclado en un solo elemento: la búsqueda de la verdad. Valoran su identidad y no se encasillan, son radicalmente inclusivos, buscan el diálogo en lugar de la confrontación y viven la vida en forma pragmática, por eso hay quienes la denomina la ‘generación verdadera’, ‘true gen’ en inglés. 

Quién mejor que los mismos jóvenes que argumente y refuten todas las declaraciones anteriores, es por esto que los alumnos de 2° de bachillerato en la clase de inglés se les pidió describir realmente como ellos se ven siendo “La generación Z”.

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My friends and I know that the things we do now have little effect on the world, but we know that what is already can be our road for our journey. In a sense we rise from the ashes and are a non stop-cycle of destruction and creation, always fighting to thrive in a new era. We watch the old world disappear and the new one thrive. Hopefully, this time though we will learn to work together; instead of all the violence among nations, we will learn to work together. Let go of the past and be one with the present and future never ending, the endless cycle.

Jesse Doerksen

I took this photo as I was walking along the beach one day. I believe that older generations tend to believe that we, Generation Z, do not care for the environment; that we couldn’t give less for it. However, I’d argue otherwise. Our generation does notice the pollution, the rampant trash among the streets, the massive changes in climate; we notice these things and it upsets us. We are angered by the denial of these changes, we are upset by those who are leaving these issues to fall upon our generation. We’re frustrated by those who seem not to care.

Adults are inclined to believe that we, Generation Z, don’t care about the environment; they believe that we only care about ourselves and technology, but they couldn’t be farther from the truth. We do care about the environment, arguably more than the generations that came before us. This is our future and we are fighting hard to ensure it’s a good one; we don’t wish for the wonderful things in our lives, things that bring us joy, to be soiled by trash.

Luna Rodríguez 

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The message this picture gives is Friendship. Thanks to the digital world,  I think that our generation  has become much more international and we are able to communicate and create bonds with people that live all over the world. I consider this picture international because there are people of multiple nationalities, that no matter where they are from, they created a super strong bond of friendship and we even consider ourselves as family.

My generation is the one that is breaking all the society rules previous generations have put on us, and we are trying to create a better future. I think that we need to eradicate the belief that one race is better than the other, or that one nation is better than the other and be a united generation. I believe that from friendship our generation can make a change for the future and make an impact on society

Ricardo Sap

“Now or never”, “be who you want to be”, “do not care about what others say”, “fight for what you want”, “ respect me and I will respect you, trust me and I will trust you”. There are a lot of phrases that apply to us nowadays. As generation Z, we know that time is not forever, that things will change constantly and we can do the right things for us and for the world. We understand that life is not easy, that we have to fight in order to be heard in a society that doesn't have ears for those who want a world of peace.

We are getting tired of those unjust situations that happen all over the world. We might be headstrong or even stubborn, but we are also candid, brave and fighters. We have a lot of fears and crazy ideas; people from other generations see us as if we did not care about anything, that we are stuck to our phones and that we are fragile.

First of all, we care, and we are everything but fragile. We live with a screen in our eyes because why would we like to see a world so destroyed, a world where we are not taken seriously? Generation Z tends to do things that others do not like; we try to innovate, to create, to progress and we do not understand the reason why we have that stereotype of being “the lost generation”. We just want to have a happy, productive and a just life. We want the freedom of being who we want and do. Not have that pressure on our shoulders of being who they want us to be.

Generation Z fights, responds, loves, is strong, and with, without, or despite it, we persevere and achieve what we set out to do; we always do things with enthusiasm and hope that they will change for the better.

Mayra Juarez

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This is a small touristic, “Pueblo Magico” town close to my hometown in Sonora, Mexico, which I visited during my December holiday in late 2019. Seeing the lights of the city, and how comfortable the little village looks, as well as the towering “cerro” mountains in the back, with the desert sunset I miss so much, really reminds me of home.

When we are teenagers, we experience so much change and growth within ourselves in all forms and aspects. And some of us even undergo changes in our environment, such as moving to a new area after having lived in someplace for all your childhood.

These new changes can be new and exciting, but also frightening and heavy for us to deal with at this age. I myself have experience being a newcomer to Playa Del Carmen after moving from the US. I lost many things and lost being close to my family and friends.

I started fresh here. A new life. And as much as I wish to go back to my true homeland, my experience in moving here when I was 13 years old has built a lot of character in me and has led me to be a better person in all aspects. To value memories and family, to learn to make new friends and new memories, and not to dwell on the past. I feel like there are many teenagers out there with a similar experience.

It even happened to my mother when she was my age. It is an important but very hard experience to undergo. But in the end it makes us better people and gives a new outlook on life. Our generation mostly, with this changing world, are adapting to becoming who we want to be, our new homes, and our new world, which will prepare us for adulthood

Gaby Flores

















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