Who We Are

We are an educational community that was created out of the concern of some parents to give their children an alternative from the traditional schools already existing in the zone, one of international and human quality.

Jardin de Niños El Papalote was born in the school year of 1994 -1995. Year after Year, we have united as a bilingual school (English – Spanish) that reflects the cosmopolitan community of Playa del Carmen, with an avant-garde pedagogical educational method that distinguishes us from the rest of the schools in the zone. We have a well-consolidated team and a school history of more than 20 years.

We are an educational community where kids are allowed to be kids and not “Little Executives”; where we give priority to the child’s necessities, not what we need from them; where creativity and imagination play an important role in our study programs; where we work with discipline of self control; where kids learn that each action has a consequence; where students are taught to think as a free human being, one that has purpose and initiative.