Personal Académico


Lic. Claudia Pozo Rivas

  • School Director/School Principal

Claudia is from Mexico City. She got her bachelor’s degree in Educational Psychology from Iberoamericana University, later she took a course in “ Diagnosis and treatment for learning problems” at the Center for Psychological Orientation at the same school.  She worked as psychologist in the Alexander Bain High School and in the Federico Garcia Lorca institute of Mexico City.

In 1994, she founded Comunidad Educativa el Papalote, where she was a teacher in preschool and principal since the foundation of the school, creating an integrated education where the students develop their academic skills, security and trust in themselves. She completed her Waldorf teacher masters at Sun Bridge College, Spring Valley, New York, United States.

She has been continuing with her studies in this pedagogy by attending seminars, courses, conferences and workshops. Since June 2012, Claudia has been studying corporal therapy at the Core Energetic Institute in New York.