Comunidad Educativa El Papalote


In preschool, we seek to educate children in their first stage of development. During this time, our teachers provide a proper environment for imitation, fantasy, movement and body development, all of which helps to prepare our students for the intellectual learning stage offered in our elementary program. 


During our students’ elementary years, Papalote teachers seek to guide and facilitate student´s natural inclination to recognize the world through their own unique imaginations. Our faculty does this through creative storytelling and instructional methods that offer students an opportunity to see the practicality of their education in an individually visual and real way. Continuing this form of education throughout our elementary program enhances each student’s capacity to create individual and conceptual images, as well as logical thinking, that has life and vision. All of this is done with an intention to verse each child in the “language of imagination”.

Moreover, our elementary educational program focuses on the full development of the student´s potential in their different stages of development. The program is specially designed to impart humanities, science, languages, sports and arts in a harmonious way according to the stage of evolution of the child.