Preschool Curriculum

A child of preschool age is by nature a person in movement; the child needs to be active. Waldorf education, particularly at Papalote, is designed to strengthen and develop the child’s intelligence through the act of doing. 

Such pedagogy employs a way of learning that is discovered through activity itself. While allowing children freedom and respecting their active nature often presents a challenge in most school settings, we here at Papalote have found that our teachers are capable of properly guiding our students’ free movement and activity within healthy limits that are acceptable for their development. Through Waldorf training and experience, our teachers are equipped with educational tools that help with this challenge, such as learning by example and through imitation, rhythm, and repetition.

In Kindergarten, Papalote students sing, play freely, model with bee’s wax, paint with watercolors, hear stories read aloud, and participate in activities that involve hand gestures and fine motor skills.

Students in this part of the program participate in daily activities such as cleaning, cooking, and organizing their belongings and resources in the classroom. Also, an appreciation of nature and engagement in outdoor activities are introduced.

By the end of preschool, Papalote students are confident, enjoy and appreciate the natural world around them, and have love and compassion for peers regardless of race, gender, or any other outward characteristic. Moreover, our students develop a passion for learning and the needed skills to acquire writing and reading. Papalote students often discover a balance in their minds, bodies, and spirits while awakening their imaginary and artistic sensibilities.