Personal Académico


Miss Blanca Gutiérrez May

  • Preschool Director

Miss Blanca is from de state of Veracruz. She graduated with a degree in childcare from Roberto Cañedo College in Puebla City, where she worked for 5 years as a preschool teacher. She joined our community in 1996, being the first teacher of the school. She graduated as a Waldorf teacher in 2004. Starting from the scholar year 2011-2012, she has been the preschool director. Blanca continues her study in Waldorf pedagogy.


Miss Alicia Gómez Rosas

  • Administrative Assistant

Alicia is from Mexico City. She graduated in Communication Science from the University of Anahuac. She has an English teacher degree from Cambridge TKT (Teachers Knowledge Training). Alicia was approved for the ceneval to be a Preschool teacher, and she is about to finish the second stage to get her degree. She has been part of our community since 2010. She is about to graduate in Waldorf Education.


Psic. Sofía Taramona Rivas

  • Preschool psychologist

Sofia is from Mexico City. She has a degree in Psychology from Iberoamericana University.  She has been part of our community since 2013 as Preschool’s psychologist. She also works with the elementary school with individual students and through giving assemblies. 

Miss Concepción González Gabriel

  • Kínder 3 Assistant

She is from Veracruz. She joined our community in 2004 as a preschool assistant. She is still studying Waldorf pedagogy.

Miss María del Carmen Martí Cotarelo

  • English teacher

She is originally from Mexico City. She studied the Degree in Hotel Management at Universidad Iberoamericana. She began her studies in Waldorf Pedagogy for personal interest, later obtained a Master's Degree in Pre-school by CENEVAL and Certification in Pedagogy Preschool by AWSNA through the courses in Cuernavaca, Morelos. She has more than 6 years of experience as a Waldorf teacher.

Miss Silvia León Cárdenas

  • Maternal Teacher

Silvia is from the sate of México. She studied a technical career in Education. She worked as a preschool teacher in several schools in Mexico City. In 1998 she joined our community as a preschool assitant; later as teacher. She graduated as a Waldorf teacher in the summer of 2004. She attends the International Congress of Waldorf Pedagogy every summer. 

Miss Yanett Guzmán Torres

  • Kinder 3 Teacher

She is from Villahermosa, Tabasco. Yanett graduated with a technical career in nursery and computing. She joined our community in 2000. She has been a teacher since 2003. She continues studying Waldorf Pedagogy.


Miss María José Gómez Gutiérrez

  • Kinder 1 Assistant

She is originally from Chiapas.

Miss Carla González

  • Kinder 1 Teacher

She is from Merida, Yucatan. She studied to be Montessori teacher in Merida. Carla joined our community as preschool teacher in the year of 1999. She graduated as Waldorf teacher in the year of 2004. She was the preschool coordinator in the school year of 2010 – 2011. She keeps updating her studies in Waldorf Pedagogy.

Miss Karol Medina Mena

  • Maestra Maternal

Originaria de la ciudad de Felipe Carrillo Puerto. Estudió en el Centro Regional de Educación Preescolar, obteniendo su Licenciatura. Ha trabajado durante 2 años en diferentes jardines de niños. Forma parte de nuestra comunidad desde 2018.